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41000 euro credit – small rate – from 356 euros a month

Please do not plan your 41000 Euro loan for too long. Every week, the CB can initiate the turnaround.

It is only a matter of time before lending rates rise again. Apply now?

Cheap credit, 41000 Euro with small installments, discover in affiliated loan comparison.

Still uncertain? Additional information about what the bank expects from you and how you can save supplies the text.

41000 Euro credit – great wishes to finance

41000 Euro credit - great wishes to finance

High credit, 41000 Euro is already a lot of money, people accept for big wishes. A typical example in this credit class would be investment in the house.

For example, the 41,000 euro loan will be spent on a new roof. For others, there is the desire for a vehicle of the upper middle class.

Common to both exemplified wishes, the acquisition of a material value. For the lending bank a good start, because they can only give “safe” credit.

With small loan amounts, it is easy for the “good personal credit rating” to demonstrate credit security. However, with higher credit, 41,000 euros already counts, the personal credit rating of many applicants alone is not enough for approval.

Because, the good rating of credit bureau is only part of the credit check.

Credit check – what is the bank checking?

Credit check - what is the bank checking?

Together with the fall in interest rates, the legal situation for so-called systemically important lenders has changed. No bank is allowed to grant more credit without sufficient proof of credit.

Sounds once unspectacular, because of course, the granting of credit, 41,000 euros, for example, has always been tested. But today computers decide on lending.

They check the secure lending step by step. The first point is of course the score. At 41000 Euro credit, for free use, the credit bureau Score should be excellent.

Second step income security. A permanent employment relationship is required. Many can no longer shine with it.

In addition, the borrower must be able to afford his installments. Now it is getting harder for the average income with family. This is checked in the “budget surplus bill”.

It must show a sufficiently high surplus on the bottom line. So that no one “flunkers” see most banks now the account statements.

Additional credit protection – good for small interest rates

Additional credit protection - good for small interest rates

Securing your own credit as well as possible does not only have advantages for the bank. In addition to the relatively simple loan approval, for well secured credit, financial benefits jump out.

For example, about tangible secured loan, 41,000 euros in this case, is always lower interest, than weak secured credit. In addition a small credit comparison.

Credit comparison – 84 months maturity

Credit comparison - 84 months maturity

With best creditworthiness, in other words with the best credit protection, borrowers shine. Because, in this case 41,000 euros loan – for 1.90 percent APR – possible.

The offer is from SWK Bank. It currently offers credit 41,000 euros with an 84-month term from 1.90 percent to 3.49 percent effective interest rate.

The credit costs, always provided the bank grants the credit at best interest, are negligible. To compensate for 41,000 euros net loan with 84 monthly installments, a total of 43,794.24 euros would be repaid.

The bottom line is the financing costs € 2,794.24 borrowing costs. Even with only average good credit standing, according to the customers according to PAngV, the pure credit costs increase to 4,730.91 euros.

Thus, the slightly weaker credit check costs the borrower almost 2,000 euros additional interest.

Extreme example – 41000 euro credit weak credit rating

Extreme example - 41000 euro credit weak credit rating

At the other end of the scale are people who are just “just” getting their loan, 41,000 euros granted with 84 months maturity. Your contact for 41000 Euro credit would probably be the Von Essen Bank.

It grants credit from 3.95 percent to 15.95 percent APR. Calculated at maximum interest rate, the monthly installment, at 7 years maturity, is 788.65 euros.

This results in a total repayment of originally 41,000 euro loan of 66,246.60 euros. Or in other words, borrowing costs of 25,246.60 euros.

The price difference due to the interest margin is 22,452.36 euros. It shows how high the cost advantage can be by good credit security.

Admitted to two extreme calculations. But still it becomes clear the advantage of well secured credit, which is not just on the side of the bank.

Our tip – save on credit costs

Our tip - save on credit costs

Please finance your 41000 Euro loan so that you can repay the money as soon as possible. In addition, when making a loan application, they ensure that they offer the best possible credit protection.

The bank will reward you with a simple loan procedure and favorable interest rates.

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