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Handy financing – instant loan from reputable direct banks – so it works


We help you to find suitable providers to finance your mobile phone!

How to quickly and easily finance your mobile phone! How to buy my new phone without paying cash.

And how you can get to your new cell phone immediately and easily. How I managed to finance my new smartphone online and which options are best for you – I’ll tell you here!

How to get a cheap mobile phone financing and save money!

How to get a cheap mobile phone financing and save money!

Since the mobile phone has become an indispensable tool in our lives, that’s why you should not miss out on the latest smartphones.

My short story: I wanted to buy my new Samsung Galaxy phone – but at the same time I was running out of money.

I did not really want to invest a damn lot of money but still have the latest phone. So what could I do? So I came up with the idea to order my phone on Rechnug.

It soon became clear to me that there were different ways to get a new phone quickly and easily. One of them was to get an easy and cheap mobile phone financing. But where could I borrow money quickly?

Who thinks about being able to finance his smartphone somewhere else than in the mobile phone shop? But then I came up with another key idea that enabled me to fund my phone without being tied to a mobile radio contract.

And so I came up with the idea of ​​private lenders looking for a small loan.

And so it came that I found after many searches providers who could lend me money on the same day for my mobile phone purchase. So I had a cheap installment, the money was transferred to my account and I could buy any smartphone of my choice.

The benefit was also clear. Because no matter if I wanted to buy an Iphone or if I wanted to buy a Samsung phone. I could dispose of the borrowed money myself and decide which mobile phone would be best for me.

One of the best known financing options available at the moment is the installment plan. Not only houses, cars, kitchens are paid on installments but also mobile phones. But just this option, there is a lot to consider.

Another option that offers optimal security on the Internet is the mobile phone purchase on account. With this option up to two forced to pay the whole sum at once, but have additional security in the online area.

Life is becoming more and more expensive and wages are sinking more and more. Therefore, it is not surprising that you do not always have the most beautiful account. And due to the rising costs you have to borrow more and more money!

Use our premium list of serious direct banks. Through them you can still buy a mobile phone on installments today.

Maybe you just want to change your provider, or maybe you’ve never signed a contract before. The reason is no matter how many useful tips and tricks for you as a new customer.

It can also be an advantage to choose a mobile phone financing without a contract, so you can easily handle longer or additional costs. Unfortunately, but you have to pay the entire sum immediately, this makes some phones too expensive.

A not so well-known method is the numbers by direct debit. Although I would generally advise against this method, there are still a few cases in which it would be quite helpful.

Why finance a mobile phone at all?

Why finance a mobile phone at all?

As mentioned above, the mobile phone is much more than just a luxury item these days. That’s why it can be important to stay up to date. Unfortunately, modern mobile phones already cost over 1000 euros and are therefore almost unworkable.

That’s why it depends on a good financing method, with which you can buy the phone of your choice. Therefore, it is important to keep the different methods in mind before making your decision.

If you want to order your mobile phone on the Internet you must always pay attention to the security and credibility of the seller. As already mentioned, this one helps buy on account.

Many mobile service providers offer good deals. As a regular customer, you can buy a new mobile phone there cheaply on installments or gain other benefits when buying a mobile phone. Also as a new customer one has certain advantages.

But if you’re looking for an online funding method, then you’re in the right place. Our providers can still transfer money to your account today.

Unfortunately, many online providers do not buy the phone on installments. Thus one is often forced directly on the side of the larger portable radio offerers to select his mobile phone. But here you are bound to the company again for a long time.

Even individuals can sell their mobile low, so you should never forget social media platforms. Platforms like Facebook or Willhaben often have good offers. These phones are used but still in good condition.

Advantages and disadvantages of a mobile phone financing!

Advantages and disadvantages of a mobile phone financing!

You see kindergarten teachers running around with their smartphones, just as you see the busy secretary writing on her Samsung phone. Because everyone has a cell phone or wants to buy one, there are of course an extremely large number of providers.

Many of these providers can be found on the Internet. Thus, it is not so easy these days to compare the entire providers. There are just too many.

So if you search the internet, you have basically three options. You can go first to pages that everyone knows and also have a good reputation. But maybe you will find better offers elsewhere.

The biggest providers on the internet are probably sites like Amazon or Miser. Both have advantages. Miser even compares the different phones for you and has extremely cheap prices, Amazon is very trustworthy and always confidently delivers.

But there are also smaller providers in the network that are often ignored. These providers often have better deals than the major mobile operators, but unfortunately you can not trust them at the top.

If you are looking for a good mobile phone financing you can also look directly at the pages of the mobile operators, such as A1 or Telering. Here you will find different financing methods for mobile phones, unfortunately, you have to bind here mostly.

If you prefer to buy your phone locally, that’s no problem. In addition to small mobile phone shops, electronics are also found in every major city such as Saturn or Mediamarkt.

These shops usually have good deals – but the catch is always the same. The annoying commitment to get a mobile phone financing in the first place. They often have other offers than the actual mobile service providers.

How can I finance my mobile phone cheaply?


As already mentioned, many mobile phone providers can be found on the Internet. Because of the diversity, it is very important to compare these providers to find the most suitable financing method for you.

The first thing you should do is go to the manufacturer’s side, for example Samsung or Apple. There you can then look at the original price of the products. These in turn can be used to compare different offers.

As a new customer, it would be wise to get a special offer. And to get such funding. Yes, you are unfortunately bound to this provider but still have many advantages.

I recommend you to use our credit immediate help. In just 2 minutes you will receive a list by email. In the list you will find suitable private lenders who can finance your mobile phone!

This will make it possible for you to buy a mobile phone without a contract!

Our providers can transfer money to your account today, whether you’re a new customer or not. Even if you think as a new customer to buy a smartphone, you can get money with it.

Buy mobile on installments without a contract – is that possible?

Buy mobile on installments without a contract - is that possible?

A mobile phone financing on installments is very popular nowadays. It makes it possible to buy more expensive mobile phones, or to finance several mobile phones at once if you buy your smartphone on installments.

Probably the biggest and also the most obvious advantage of buying mobile phones on installments is not having to pay the entire amount at once. This is partly the only way to afford the latest mobile phones.

So you can also buy a tray on installments. As a new customer or as a regular customer this financing method is well suited for you if you want to buy a mobile phone on installments. So you can buy a cheap mobile phone well. In both cases, you often have many advantages and offers that offer the mobile operators.

The legal consequences can be serious. If for some reason you are unable to pay, you will not only take away the phone, but the seller may also seize your property.

Some providers allow regular customers who have faithfully paid for years while mobile phone financing to change your smartphone. Thus, you are always on the cutting edge of technology.

How to buy a mobile phone on account without being “ripped off”!

Everything has to be comfortable and fast, that’s why the internet is so popular. Especially if you want to order a mobile phone on account. To get a smartphone on account is therefore quite feasible.

Unfortunately, there are also a few dangers lurking in the net, there are many who want to pull you over the table or send you unwanted advertising if you want to order a mobile phone on account.

Therefore, privacy and security is very important if you want to buy a mobile phone on account. If you want to order a mobile phone on account, you have an advantage. With this method, you can buy the safest online.

You only have to pay when you hold the product in your hands, so all you have to do is enter your address and leave out any other personal information. The bill will be sent by mobile phone. That’s another advantage if you want to buy a mobile phone on account.

Usually you have two weeks to pay the bill. But here are two different variants. Either you have to pay two weeks after the order, or two weeks after receiving the product.

Some sellers also offer longer payment periods if you want to order your phone by invoice, in order to attract customers. But often this longer period is associated with additional costs because the sellers have to wait longer for their money.

However, the seller had some advantages with this mobile phone financing. He can expect a fixed sum in the foreseeable future, and has nothing more to do than to send you the bill.

You have the benefits of increased security, and you do not have to pay the money immediately. In addition, you are still in control of your own account and you do not have to expect a sudden withdrawal from a loan.

So all in all, the purchase is relatively easy, you choose the phone and pay attention to the payment period. Of course you always have to compare the sellers to get the best price for you.

What you should know if you want to buy a cell phone as a new customer!

What you should know if you want to buy a cell phone as a new customer!

If you want to buy a cell phone as a new customer, there are some things to keep in mind. Some vendors wanted to untangle extra costs, others, however, we even give cheap. Here is the comparison of the providers around and on.

If there are extra costs this is because the seller still has no confidence in you. This expresses itself in extra costs, these can appear in the form of deposits or deposits.

Our providers are still giving you money today, even if you’re a new customer. The whole thing is often not so easy if you want to claim a high sum.

If you do not compare providers, it could happen that you would lose some benefits. These benefits are very versatile, some bring you a cheaper contract and some lower interest rates.

Why you should buy your phone without a contract!

Why you should buy your phone without a contract!

Contracts change very often and mobile operators often ask for more money than before. Therefore, it can be very helpful to keep your old contract if you want to buy your phone without a contract on installments.

But what you have to pay attention to with this mobile phone financing, we discuss here, for example, if you want to order a mobile phone on account without a contract. It is almost impossible to get a mobile phone without a contract on rates with large providers.

The first thing you should do is to see if the phone has already been approved for your network if you want to buy a phone without a contract and on installments.

If it is not released for your network, there are extra costs and the associated inconvenience if you want to buy a mobile phone without a contract on account.

Buying a mobile phone without a contract is also an advantage if you want to buy your smartphone without being tied up.

As a new customer I would not recommend this option, however, because you lose potential benefits. You should note that you still need a mobile service provider, and since you have no new customer yet you have to sign their son so a contract.

Since you would buy the phone without a contract, you usually have to pay immediately the entire sum, such as a Samsung phone without a contract. Thus, expensive phones are almost unaffordable and your account is immediately charged heavily.

The best providers in the net are big sites like Amazon or Miser. There you can buy relatively cheap a cell phone without a contract. If you do not have the money, you can simply get it from our suppliers.

Buy your mobile phone via direct debit and what you have to pay attention to!

Buy your mobile phone via direct debit and what you have to pay attention to!

A rather unknown method is the purchase by direct debit. Although I personally would advise against this method, there are still some that could be useful. That’s why it’s important to take a close look at your options.

When you set up a direct debit, you give the seller the right to charge an account on an ongoing basis, like buying a cell phone one, for example. This means that the seller can always access your account and withdraw money.

He does not even have to deduct all the money at once, but he can also deduct it in installments. You lose control over your own money and you have to be prepared for unplanned expenses all the time.

However, if you have good friends who do not want to do anything bad, you can set up a direct debit which you can repay after your presentation. Nevertheless, these people could charge account constantly.

That’s why I advise you of this mobile phone financing.

Following you find our search order. We try to find a suitable mobile phone financing for you. Totally non-binding, get your money today!

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